United States Air Force deploys BRICE app to production for A-10 maintainers

Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs releases news article announcing major DoD milestone. Read the US Air Force article here: BRICE app helps with Air Force mission of Flight Readiness.

This is one of the most successful emerging tech pathfinder project ever conducted in DoD. In 12 months the USAF team was able to deliver:

  • 1st mission enabling iOS app built to NIAP standards

  • 1st mission enabling iOS app to integrate with Purebred

  • 1st mission enabling iOS app to connect to USAF CCE (GovCloud)

  • 1st mission enabling iOS app using middleware and deployed in USAF CCE (GovCloud)

  • 1st mission enabling iOS app to bi-directionally connect to DISA DECC Mainframe system of record

  • BRICE App validated by NSA Common Criteria Test Lab

  • BRICE assessed and validated by DISA DMUC in 3 days

  • Full ATO 11 months after project kickoff

  • Production deployment to first 25 airmen at DM AFB in December 14 months after project kickoff

The USAF is presently expanding the rollout of BRICE at DM-AFB. The same successful and now proven architecture approach can be replicated for any DoD use case and legacy system.

Chris Gorman