Mission Mobility Factory

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Mission Mobility Factory

Mission Mobility is predicated on the belief that the Government should be vigilant to its core security standards, but interchangeable with Vendors that have been independently assessed and validated to conform to the standards. This concept is manifested in the Mission Mobility Factory.

The Factory provides all the tools that an organization needs to experiment and prototype new concepts including:

  • CSfC/NIAP approved mobile devices

  • Phones and tablets loaded with LTE and data

  • FedRAMP approved MDM/UEM

  • NIST 800-63-3 AAL-2 Multi-factor Authentication

  • User Design Lab for the actual functional end-users

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile developers to build on NIAP baseline

  • FedRAMP/DoD Cloud Computing SRG Impact Level 4 Cloud Services

  • Continuous Development/Continuous Improvement (CI/CD) platform

  • NIAP Assessment report and vulnerability scans