How we Engage



Mission Owners: Bring your millennial workforce into the 21st century through enabling better mobile-first ways to conduct business processes securely at your organization’s tactical edge.

Security Officers: Assess new mobile-cloud projects with a consistent security baseline established by current Government standards for sensitive and classified use for each and every project.

CIO/OIT: Support your Government functional community by rapidly building meaningful new capabilities, expanding your Cloud strategy beyond the desktop, and extending sensitive legacy systems to your mobile workforce.

Integrator & Developer

Many Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) tout the need for enterprises to adopt low-code development approaches to overcome the complexity of mobile coding. However, with more than 4.5M mobile apps available on Google Play and the Apple app store, clearly building Android and iOS mobile apps is not the challenge. Building mobile apps that provide a Common Criteria Nation-State level of defense against your advisories is the challenge…which commercial MADPs are not equipped for. Mission Mobility is.

Developers: Real mobile developers know how to combine modern user interface design and business logic to create exceptional user experience. Mission Mobility enables you to focus on what you do best, and still produce apps with classified-level security.

System Integrators: Help the Organizations that you support breathe new life into the archaic legacy systems you manage and quickly produce highly valuable deliverables and meaningful incremental outcomes with low-risk to you.

Staffing: Top mobile developers code in Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android), not C#. If you want to recruit and retain the best employees, build your development team skill sets around the native programing languages recommended by Apple and Google. Retaining your top talent is often improved when you stop investing in mobile development approaches that mandate yesterday’s technology.


Tech Partners

Despite your marketing department’s attempts to convince customers otherwise, no single company can easily deliver the necessary outcomes to produce effective solutions across the Mobile - Identity - Cloud space for sensitive and classified projects.

However, working together we can collectively deliver customers a consistent, meaningful, predictable result - not based on a single vendor, but on all the vendor’s adherence to the foundational baseline standards for Mission Mobility. In today’s age of CyberWar, the Government should be vigilant with adherence to security standards, and interchangeable with Vendors that meet those standards.

If your company is interested in joining the Mission Mobility Consortium, please contact us to get involved. Learn to leverage your company’s investments in International and Government standards as a true differentiator to your competitor’s inferior and unproven self-assertions.