Industry Use Cases

Modernize your Business Process - not just your IT systems. For decades Organizations have attempted massive IT modernization efforts at great expense with little practical improvement. The advent of secure mobile and cloud computing changes the paradigm, allowing Organizations to re-imagine how day-to-day critical tasks are better performed by personnel at the tactical edge. Mobile operating systems provide significant capabilities that are not easily replicated at the desktop.


Inventory and Asset Management

Know where your stuff is: Optimize and automate the lifecycle of asset management. Check availability, initiate orders, digitally sign request approvals, receive status notifications, digitally sign for delivery receipt, scan assets into inventory, and more…all from your mobile device. Increased efficiency, accuracy and speed combine to deliver mission readiness.


Medical and Tele-Health

Help is at your fingertips: The digitization of healthcare over the next decade will change the way patients are treated: for triage, during patient transportation, at intake of the hospital, for diagnosis to post-procedure recovery, and for out-patient remote physical therapy. Enable better healthcare results through better data access.


Inspections, Audits, and Assessments

Never transpose your bad penmanship again: Every Government organization conducts some version of field-based investigations, assessments, inspections, surveys, or audits. Many organizations are still using paper forms or spiral notebooks to record the activity, and then require the information to be transposed into an IT-system once back at the office. Lose the the pen and paper and gain multiple hours back to your day.


Maintenance, Logistics, and Construction

Work without interruption at the point of repair: The need for meticulous maintenance of assets is universal across Government. Whether you are repairing a helicopter, submarine, ship, aircraft, tank, automobile, or a weapons system, access to Technical Orders, repair manuals, and the maintenance system of record is mandatory for properly performing the task at hand. Access to everything you need where the real work is being done will improve data accuracy and significantly increase your time on task.


Operations, Law Enforcement, and First Responders

Have what you need, when you need it: Whether its responding to a forest fire or hurricane, tracking down a missing person, investigating a crime, protecting the border, providing protective services, or executing a tactical OCONUS operation, mobile improves incidence response, intelligence collection and transmission, surveillance, targeting, and situational awareness. Real-time data visibility enables safety, security and performance of Government operations.


HR, Recruiting, and Training

Support your millennial workforce with modern mobile-first tools they actually want to use: All organizations want to recruit and retain top employee talent. While out of the office, your recruiters need to connect with management, and more importantly connect with the 18-year old that has grown up in the mobile-first generation. Once employed, providing easy access from anywhere at anytime to continuing education and training is the best way of retaining skilled employees. It is better to invest in training an employee and have them leave than to not train them and have them stay.