Mission Mobility Accountability Native Tools for Inventory Solutions (MANTIS)

MANTIS is a mobile-cloud secure solution that manages the issuance and receipt of sensitive assets at the organization’ edge.

Feature Description


  • Ability to issue assigned asset to authorized individual

  • Ability to issue assigned asset to a group of authorized individuals

  • Ability to bulk issue to an authorized individual

  • Ability to handle the issue of weapons in alternate or tactical locations (i.e. Squad Leader issuing weapons to squad)

  • Ability to issue any asset to any authorized individual

  • Ability to issue serialized and non-serialized assets

  • Itemize components of end item when issuing

  • Ability to create Issue Event Templates that identify the type of weapon to issue, the reason for issue. Examples are Issue for Training, Issue for Repair, Issue for Transport, etc.

  • Spoken Admin number and /or location of the issued asset

  • Spoken verification of asset serial number

  • Optional printed or emailed receipt.



  • Ability to turn-in assets issued to other individuals.

  • Found weapon processing

  • Itemize components of end item at turn-in

  • Ability to photograph damage to asset

  • Spoken Admin number and /or location of the issued asset

  • Optional printed or emailed receipt.


Master Authorization List

  • Imported for system of record

  • Import format can be csv, xml or json

  • Ability to create and mail a working MAL


  • Imported from system of record

  • Ability to identify components of end items.

  • Ability to group weapons into categories to facilitate issue process. For example, a “Long Gun” categorize can be created so that an Event Template could be created to only issue long guns.

  • Ability to assign weapons  to a rack/slot or container for easy issue.

  • Ability to manage personal weapons

  •  Ability to create model names for weapons.

  • Ability to record spoken model name for ease of issue.

  • Ability to handle warranties and shelf-life expiration dates.

  • Ability to associate an asset with an IUID tag and update the DOD IUID Registry with the information 

  • Ability to inventory assets

    • By serial number

    • Interested / Disinterested Party inventories



  • Site Count Report

  • Site Count Discrepancy report

  • Property Book Report

  • Property Book Summary

  • Issued / Returned Assets Report

  • Control Log Report

  • Lost and Found Asset Report

  • Unit Master Authorization List

  • Privately owned Weapons Authorization List



  • Control Log tracking all actions on assets including issue and turn-in

  • Ability to read all 1D and 2D bar codes (including DOD standard, IUID and commercial)

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Electronic signatures captured during issue and turn-in of assets 


Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 9.34.10 AM.png

The MANTIS App can be purchased as an annual term license. MANTIS has two required components:

MANTIS BASE License Includes:

  • 5x8 Operations & Maintenance remote support

  • Updates to the MANTIS app for the Android Operating System, bug fixes, and future enhancements

  • Adherence to the National Security Agency (NSA) National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Application Software Protection Profile


  • Armorers responsible for issuing weapons, supplies, or munitions need user licenses

  • Users with permission needing access to inventory data and reports

  • Users are specific named users and are not permitted to share accounts