Success in 60


Mission Mobility Prototype

Many organizations struggle with choosing between the lessor of two evils:

  • move fast with known vulnerabilities, or

  • be secure but take a long time to deliver.

Mission Mobility provides a new option. Move fast and be secure.

Bring your ideas for mission efficiencies and the personnel that actually perform the targeted job-tasks. We will provide the rest. In 60-days from project kickoff, you will have a fully functioning custom built iOS or Android NIAP compliant mobile app running on MDM managed CSfC/NIAP compliant Apple or Samsung devices that supports MFA/PKI and connects via Wifi or Verizon LTE to AWS GovCloud DoD CC SRG IL-4 approved services.

Once you have your app, we will help you define your tailored roadmap to move from prototype to production. Take the next step for your organization’s modernization efforts …move from fail-fast to succeed-fast.

What do you want to build first?