Seeing is believing: Every conference has good briefing decks, but how many events do you attend where you can see the topic du jour be built from the ground up in real time?

Through the Mission Mobility Workshops, we are thrilled to bring our innovative approach to secure mobile computing to the front doors of Government agencies around the country. Our team continues to reimagine what’s possible, and we’re happy to assist leadership across Civilian, DoD and the Intelligence Community realize how business process re-engineering via mobile can transform how mission critical work gets done.

At this half-day event, Government leadership will interact with their peers and other Mission Mobility Partners in multiple small group break-out sessions to share approaches for rapidly developing mobile - identity - cloud solutions that adhere to Government policies and security requirements. Additionally, an audience attendee will be randomly selected and embedded with our Mission Mobility Factory dev team to build an iOS or Android NIAP compliant mobile app with PKI/MFA that interacts with a FedRAMP Cloud database service…all from scratch, and demonstrate it at the end of the workshop.

Interact with Peers across Government

Workshops are limited to 30-35 attendees per session to facilitate a comfortable atmosphere to meet new colleagues across DoD, Civilian, and the IC that are trying to solve similar challenges.


Dev Team will build an NSA NIAP compliant app in real time

At the beginning of the workshop, an attendee will be selected and asked to share with the audience some of their Agency’s desired future use cases. The attendee then works with out MM Factory dev team to agree a basic representation of one of the use cases. The cloud infrastructure and CI/CD is spun up. The team starts building the app, incorporates MFA/PKI and connects the app to a FedRAMP/DoD CC SRG IL-4 data store. The app is run through an automated vetting tool against the NIAP Application Software Protection Profile baseline. The attendee and the MM Factory dev team close out the day with a demonstrate of the app and show the NIAP assessment report to the audience…all in four hours.


Small Group Breakout sessions

Multiple times during the workshop, we will break into small 4-6 person groups to have moderator-led discussions on pertinent topics and questions. Share your successes, challenges, and frustrations while you hear from your peers on how they are approaching the movement into mobile. At the conclusion of the session, each group will do a read-out of their responses to the other groups.


Prioritize Mission Use Cases

Whether you are just getting started or have been trying to get mobile launched in your Agency for years, you will want to spend some time with the personnel that perform the field-based tasks. Your organization needs to have a method for determining:

  • how the process is being done now?

  • how could we do it differently moving forward

  • what benefits could be derived?

Figure out what business or mission-enabling use cases provide the most value to your organization and get to work.


Decide to act

Conclude the workshop with a path forward on how to establish a proof point, validate your approach with other key stakeholders within your Agency, and then institutionalize a process for taking on the highest priority projects and go deliver consistent outcomes to your mission communities.